Notable, I’d say, both for the source and the sentiment. On CNN last night, meteorologist Chad Myers discussed the record snowfall and cold in Las Vegas with Lou Dobbs, who asked him what this had to say about global warming. Myers compared the research models to analyzing the reliability of a three-day-old car:

Arrogant? I’d call it that, but the problem with the global-warming movement and the Next Ice Age movement that preceded it is not arrogance per se but its advancement into a religion, where dissenters are cast as modern heretics and debate is rejected.  It’s Galileo in reverse, where scientists who dispute both the models and the data lose patronage and funding, not because they’re wrong, but because they threaten the cash cow that the global-warming religion promises to researchers for the next couple of decades.

Both movements had the same goal: state control of energy production.  That’s the arrogance that bothers me.

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