Looks like the Freepers found a nugget in Al Franken’s archives. In an interview after the 2004 Republican Convention, Franken tells the sign-language interpreter that he missed a golden opportunity for a hearty laugh. He should have signaled al-Qaeda instead (via Hugh Hewitt):

I can already hear the objections.  Franken is a satirist!  He was joking!  He’s paid to make people laugh! Er, yeah … but then Franken was also a political commentator, and now he wants to serve in the US Senate, so his judgment in this is fair game. If he’s such a hater that the notion of AQ assassinating George Bush is funny, that shows just how far outside the mainstream Franken is, and how poor his judgment can be.

Does Franken really believe that joking about presidential assassinations is in good taste, ever?  Because in a Barack Obama administration, I doubt that Franken’s allies will find it funny.  Neither will I, or most everyone I know.