Last night’s Talk the Vote event didn’t just feature the Three Tenors of Talk. Senator Norm Coleman gave his “positive, optimistic vision” to The Patriot’s audience. He talked about his own election and what it means for the nation, and summed up by asking four questions:

Coleman has worn himself out in this re-election campaign. He gave an energetic performance last night, but he has lost weight and looks tired. No one can accuse him of taking Al Franken lightly, even if the rest of Minnesota should do so. If you want to help Coleman in his dogged fight to keep representing Minnesotans — and after this speech, you can see why he should — visit his website.

Michele Bachmann briefly spoke at the event as part of the Republican Congressional slate from Minnesota, along with Barb Davis-White, Erik Paulson, and Ed Matthews. Bachmann had a tough week but demonstrated her resilience, remaining cheerful and optimistic in facing her challenge from Elwyn Tinklenberg. John Hunt, general manager for The Patriot, holds the microphone for Michele:

Talk the Vote also featured a surprise guest, one not announced previous to the event. Governor Tim Pawlenty spoke just prior to Dennis Prager, looking quite a bit more casual than the rest of the speakers, and explained that he just came from his daughter’s volleyball game. Pawlenty gives a good accounting of how he remains one of the most popular figures in the state. Like Sarah Palin, Pawlenty has a middle-class authenticity that most politicians would kill to emulate.

But the most important part of Pawlenty’s speech is when he talks about the nature of freedom, and how America has put its greatness at risk with its reckless spending and borrowing policies:

I’ve often said that Pawlenty has a bright future in national politics. This is a man who has the chops to run on the top of a Republican ticket, and he’s young enough to do it sooner or later.