John McCain didn’t want to respond in kind to Barack Obama’s silly and ignorant attack on McCain’s inability to e-mail, but a 527 group has decided to fill the vacuum on their own. In a 30-second spot called “Wounded Veterans”, Lt. Col. Mike Fairhead asks Obama why he attacks McCain’s war wounds:

I’m certain that this will once again start the hysteria about 527s, “swift boating”, and unfair personal attacks among Obama’s defenders.  Well, I’d say that Lt. Col. Fairhead may go a little far in claiming that Obama attacked McCain’s war injuries, since it looks more like a case of incompetence than anything else.  That certainly was the net effect, if not the intent.

I’d also say too bad.  Their original ad itself was, even without the easily-researchable cause of McCain’s disability, pointless and misleading.  McCain has led on technology issues (although he did not, as McCain himself laughingly noted, invent the Blackberry).  The fate of the Western world does not hinge on the ability to personally send an e-mail, especially when the White House has been known to hire an aide or two for those kinds of purposes.  On the other hand, the false logic of “How can McCain understand the tech world if he can’t send an e-mail” certainly opens Obama to the more substantial logic of “How can Obama understand the military if he’s never served,” or “How can Obama handle the biggest executive job in the Free World without any executive experience at all,” and so on.

Let the whiners gripe about the marginal overreach in this ad.  Call it an idiot tax for Team Obama and their failure to do basic research on the original spot.  Joe Biden’s original verdict on that spot being included in this ad is priceless as well.