Rep. Thaddeus McCotter has a message for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic caucus, and he wanted it delivered at Hot Air.  The chair of the Republican House Policy Committee says that Americans haven’t been fooled by Pelosi’s ploys to mimic support for drilling, and the outspoken Republican calls for a rational energy policy — now.

Demand Maximum American Energy – Now!

Leaving by example, Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi jetted off on her summer vacation under the assumption energy squeezed Americans would throng to buy her book, Know Your Power.

But Americans weren’t buying it – literally.

Economically maimed by the pain at the pump, citizens demanded vacationing Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats’ “Don’t Care” Congress get back to work and pass an “all of the above” energy bill to lower gas prices.

Unmoved by these working families’ sufferings, Speaker Pelosi conjured up another so-called “energy” proposal – one that is already acclaimed by none other than the anti-energy zealots at the Sierra Club. Yes, this is the same Sierra Club that pronounced: “We’re better off without cheap gas.”

Unfortunately, the Sierra Club’s collective “we” included us.

Not surprisingly, then, the Speaker’s latest lethargy proposal apes other energy schemes she’s brought to the House floor without amendment and under a super-majority vote requirement. Desperate to guarantee these bills’ defeats and blame Republicans, the Speaker orchestrated the nauseating spectacle of “Don’t Care” Democrats, who a few months ago wouldn’t vote to drill a tooth, now hugging derricks instead of trees.

This time, though, with a month of vacation under her Beltway, Pelosi’s ploy has a new wrinkle. In the media she is floating specious reasons why Republicans will vote against her radical cornucopia of energy insecurity.

What she still fails to grasp, as with all her energy scams, is that the public will not be misled.

Americans understand House Republicans’ bi-partisan “all of the above” energy plan provides maximum American energy and, so doing, ensures lower gas prices and energy security.

So let us save the Speaker’s breath, which she can use to inflate Senator Obama’s tires. House Republicans will vote to stop Pelosi’s ploy, because her latest anti-energy proposal will not include “all of the above”:

  1. Maximum American energy production;

  2. Common sense conservation;

  3. Free market alternative energy innovations; and, thus,

  4. A responsible transition to American energy security and independence.

The only real question about the “Don’t Care” Democrat Congress’s proposal is this:

When Pelosi’s ploy thumps into the dust bin of hypocrisy, will she and her Democrat majority’s “Most Hated Congress in History” finally stop saving the planet and start sparing working families’ wallets?

Or will the “Don’t Care” Democrats’ author (nee Speaker) start inking her book’s sequel – Know Your Abuse of Power?

Regardless, there is one thing you can count on. Working families and House Republicans will continue to demand maximum American energy!