Wrangler has a new ad campaign for its jeans in France, and it looks like the venerable denim company has suddenly decided to make heroin chic look wholesome.  Take a look at the images Wrangler uses for its new “We are Animals” campaign.  The dead animals are women:

As Mitch Berg, Jeff Fecke, and Melissa McEwan point out, this is something on which conservatives and liberals can agree.  These images capture the look of corpses dumped into rivers and lakes, a sort of murder chic that appears to not just promote corpses as fashion models but to sexualize them as well.  The pallid skin of the back crests at the woman’s buttocks in the second picture here as the jeans get dragged off by the weight of the water and the movement of the corpse.

This evokes nothing but the unfortunate women who have been victimized by serial killers and rapists, and having their bodies dumped in woods, lakes, and rivers.  Wrangler uses them to make death sexy and to exploit a fascination with death to make a few bucks.  Someone should be ashamed.