I believe in the power of prayer, but this is a little ridiculous. A Washington DC man has founded the “Pray at the Pump” movement, which he claims has “exploded all over the world” — even getting press in Iran, about which he brags with no sense of irony. Watch them as they pray for lower gas prices:

Prayer is a wonderful tool, but prayer alone doesn’t add supply to the market. When Fox asks whether they do anything else other than pray, the founder says they take action, too — asking members to carpool, walk, and in general do everything they can to lower demand.  As for increasing supply, the Pump Prayers have taken action as well … by standing in front of the Saudi embassy to beg for more gruel oil.  Why would that work?  He thinks the Saudis have to take pity on the poor.

What solution doesn’t get any mention?  Take three guesses.  I guess God can move the Saudis to generosity, but no one thinks He can lead Congress to sanity.