Anyone with an e-mail address gets socked with spam on a daily basis, and for the most part we learn to live with it. We get constant ads for OEM software, erectile-dysfunction medication, porn sites, and Turkish websites that no one can decipher. The sheer mindlessness of it dulls the frustration we feel as we either set up filters or simply do a lot of deleting.

Unfortunately, over the last few days, I’ve been buried in another kind of spam entirely. A group of evangelicals have decided to have an e-mail argument over which is the most righteous, and they have rather annoyingly added at least a hundred people on public CC as spectators. The men who led this off style themselves as the only Christians with the truth, while he mostly focuses on Mitt Romney and what they perceive as his defects as a Christian.

Several people, including myself, have asked these rude and arrogant debaters to keep it to themselves or put it up on their blogs, and to stop publicly CC’ing those who don’t care for a ringside seat to this absurd argument. Those requests have been ignored and then ridiculed, as the e-mailers continue to believe that everyone else is fascinated with their particular position.

I used to see circular firing squads in corporate America, too, but they would usually end after a day or so. This has been going on for a week and shows no signs of slowing down. What the participants don’t realize is that this silliness doesn’t help them with their credibility at all, and with every new missive they reveal their hubris and their extremism.

Since our requests that these supposed Christians remove us from their e-mail hatred have been ignored, maybe this post will get them to reconsider. I’m already updating my e-mail blacklist to ensure that I never read another message from the participants in the future.

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