Longtime readers of Michelle Malkin and Brian Maloney will recognize the name Evan Montvel-Cohen. The founder of Air America turned out to be a man with a shady ways of financing his pet project, and he went on the lam almost three years ago when the financial meltdown started at the liberal talk-radio network. Today, he ran out of luck in Guam:

Wanted in the state of Hawaii, the managing director of local media company the Sorensen Media Group was held in custody today after being picked up by authorities at the Guam International Airport Authority earlier today. Accused of money laundering, theft, forgery and much more, Montvel-Cohen appeared in the Superior Court of Guam late this afternoon attempting to be released from custody.

Evan Daniel Montvel-Cohen was on a return flight from Manila, Philippines this morning when he was detained by agents from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol at the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority. According to chief prosecutor Phil Tydingco, U.S. Customs agents discovered that Montvel-Cohen had a bench warrant for his arrest in the state of Hawaii. Montvel-Cohen was then turned over to the custody of the Superior Court Marshals where he spent the day in a holding cell awaiting a hearing this afternoon.

Tydingco says the warrant was issued this past April 15 by Judge Derrick H.M. Chan of the 1st Circuit Court of Hawaii. A grand jury in the Aloha State returned an indictment against Montvel-Cohen, charging him with:

– 1st Degree Theft
– Fraudulent Use of Credit Card
– Forgery
– 2nd Degree Theft
– Money Laundering

Sounds like Evan had gotten back to his old tricks in Hawaii. Small wonder; he left New York with nothing but a string of controversies in his wake. Unfortunately, his evasions haven’t convinced the judge in Guam to keep him in jail; he got released on a $75,000 bond into house arrest. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Brian has more on the story at Radio Equalizer. Will Montvel-Cohen ever pay for any of his crimes? So far, New York hasn’t found a way to get an indictment for his theft of taxpayer money meant for the children of Brooklyn.

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