The Weasel Zippers wonder whether we really want the competence level Hillary Clinton brings to the 3 AM phone calls. Take a look at the ad that appears at the 7-second mark of this new campaign commercial, with the headline “Obama attacks Clinton’s gas tax plan”:

What newspaper clipping did Team Hillary use for this headline? It’s not anything to do with gas taxes, Barack Obama, or even Hillary Clinton:

If one looks closely at the first and third columns, one can easily make out “Troopergate” in the text. The story appears lifted from this Daily News article from December, in which the former governor had stonewalled on whether he had hired a private attorney to defend himself against any potential criminal charges for his use of state troopers to spy on political opponents. That story got rendered moot when Eliot resigned during a sex scandal involving prostitution a few months later.

It’s worth noting that Spitzer had supported Hillary Clinton before his exit.

Why would the campaign’s ad company go out of their way to use this clipping? It looks like a deliberate attempt to sabotage the ad, making Hillary and her entire team look like a bunch of incompetents. No one in their right mind would have added a reminder of Spitzer deliberately, and it’s almost impossible for this to have happened accidentally. It looks like Hillary’s own team wants her out of Obama’s way sooner than later.