Has Bill Clinton lost his mind, or does he want to kneecap his wife’s run for the presidency? Yesterday in an interview with WHYY, he vents his frustration at the accusation of playing the race card in South Carolina. He reminds Susan Phillips that he has his offices in Harlem, “which voted for Hillary”, and that 1.4 million of his best friends are people of color.

Warning — this is mildly NSFW, as Bill forgot to hang up the phone at the end when speaking to a colleague (via Memeorandum):

Whether or not he feels he has to “that that s*** from anybody”, Clinton knows he’s playing in the big leagues, and knows what the rules are. Clinton has made a career out of playing the race card, and in fact plays it again here. He wants to go back to the silly meme of being the nation’s “first black president” by accusing the man who might actually become that of relying on identity politics to smear him. That’s a gas coming from the same campaign that has tried to use gender politics since 1992. Or perhaps no one remembers “soccer moms”?

The bigger question is what Clinton hopes to gain. This won’t go viral enough to hurt in Pennsylvania, but North Carolina is right around the corner. Crying about Obama’s identity politics will only make the divide more bitter and lose Hillary ground. If it picks up ground in upcoming Rust Belt states, it will also remind superdelegates that they can expect to lose the African-American vote if they support Hillary over Obama in Denver.

Bill’s FCC violation at the end of this clip shows what most have suspected for months. He has become a loose cannon whose actions hurt more than help. His leash obviously needs more shortening.