On Saturday, Jazz covered how former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s discussion with illegal immigrant extraordinaire Jose Antonio Vargas  was derailed by #BlackLivesMatter activists. After watching the Netroots Nation crowd work itself into a near-frenzy, O’Malley really put his foot in it by saying — brace yourself — that all lives matter. 

Via The Guardian:

“Let me say a couple of things,” O’Malley began in response. “All of us as Americans have a responsibility to recognise the pain and the grief throughout our country for all of the lives that have been lost to violence, whether at the hands of police or civilians.”

His words were greeted by heckling.

O’Malley tried to respond, saying: “This is … let me … sure. I’ll just share with you … I’m trying to respond as best I can. No … hey. Look … I know, I know.”

Vargas said: “What just happened there? I’m so lost.”

O’Malley switched to an inclusive tack. He said: “Every life matters and that is why this issue is important. Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.”

He was greeted, repeatedly, by booing.

O’Malley left the stage shortly thereafter.

I hate to give O’Malley any positive press, but he’s right. All lives do matter, which is why it’s important for the #BlackLivesMatter movement to stop the horrific violence between black Americans. With about 40% of homicides from 2000 to 2010 done by blacks, and 47% of homicide victims in that same time period black, police violence pales next to intra-racial violence. And while police reforms are absolutely necessary, so are not giving a pass to blacks who commit crimes and being intellectually honest about police violence against blacks.

However, O’Malley’s statement, which was a trending hashtag on Saturday night, raises a far more important question that I Tweeted to him — does his belief that all lives matter carry over to the unborn?

The answer, of course, is a resounding “no.” O’Malley, a Catholic, supports abortion and embryonic stem-cell research. Despite rhetoric like “all lives matter,” he joins most of his supposedly pro-science party in refusing to admit that all human life indisputably begins at fertilization. And like the #BlackLivesMatter folks, he turns a blind eye to how a womb is the most dangerous place for any young black person in America.

I’m not the first person to note this discrepancy — The Federalist’s founder, Sean Davis, beat me with a similar question to Clinton on Twitter — but it’s an important question for the entire Democratic field to be pressed on. And since the mainstream media is unlikely to do it, it’s up to pro-life outlets like LifeSiteNews (#ShamelessPlugForTheBosses), Hot Air, The Federalist, and others to make the public aware of the pro-death preferences of Democrats.

With Planned Parenthood’s fetal parts harvesting still in the news, and likely to stay there for a while, this is the perfect time to educate the American public on the pure evil that is abortion.

Update (Dustin): O’Malley has since apologized for saying that “all lives matter.” Which is pretty craven, but far more accurate. Via CNN:

I meant no disrespect,” O’Malley said in an interview on This Week in Blackness, a digital show. “That was a mistake on my part and I meant no disrespect. I did not mean to be insensitive in any way or communicate that I did not understand the tremendous passion, commitment and feeling and depth of feeling that all of us should be attaching to this issue.