Remember the obligatory “Chris Berman goes nuts” video? Well, “ampex2000”, the person or persons who posted that one, has added four more videos to the Berman reel. One is very unsafe for work or play around children. Another shows Berman chatting up a gift wine with a co-worker. Another shows him going ape over a flaky teleprompter. And there’s this one, about Berman’s career as a smuggler sneaking strong (and illegal in the US without a prescription) over-the-counter drugs in from Canada.

Watching this clip and the others on the YouTube account, you get the sense that behind the scenes, Chris Berman is a crazy man. But I wonder, who is posting these awful outtakes? Ampex is a brand of video tape and equipment. These embarrassing Berman outtakes are all from the 2000 football season on ESPN, and they have all surfaced since “ampex2000” established a YouTube account on Feb 6. Obviously, “ampex2000” has or had access to the ESPN tape library. A disgruntled floor director? Or tape librarian?

Whoever “ampex2000” is, they’re obviously not Chris Berman’s friend.