Gotta love the Maha Rushie.

RUSH: The same media that couldn’t call New Hampshire right still shamelessly in the prediction game, is predicting my demise and your demise. (boos) But I say, “Bah!” The same media that’s losing circulation and readers and viewers and respect (applause) is predicting my demise.

RUSH: My friends, my friends, there is reason for optimism, there is reason for hope. By the way: “change” is a stupid slogan, and so is “hope,” but I know some of you want hope. Be of good cheer. From the shadows of this setback, let me offer this uplifting thought. In Florida, half the liberals voted for Mrs. Clinton. One-third of the Republicans voted for Senator McCain. Our friends in the media predicting my demise (boos) talk about how conservatism is dead. Let me ask a simple question, ladies and gentlemen. Why is it that all of the Republican candidates claim, to now carry the mantle of Ronald Reagan? Senator McCain is the most recent. “McCain Claims Conservative Mantle.” Said McCain (impression), “It shows one thing: I’m the conservative leader who can unite the party.” How can I be said to have lost, ladies and gentlemen, when what I stand for is rock ribbed conservatism, and each one of these candidates — each one of them flawed, by the way, which has caused many conservatives to be wandering aimlessly in the electoral woods. How can it be said that I have lost or that conservatism has lost, when all of our Republican candidates claim to be conservative and to carry the conservative mantle?

Good point.

RUSH: In fact, it looks to me like Fred Barnes’ candidate, Rudy Giuliani, has now dropped out. It looks like David Brooks’ candidate, Mike Huckabee, has no traction — he hasn’t won anything since Iowa — and he needs to get out. Tom Brokaw’s candidate, Hillary Clinton, she’s in deep trouble going into Super Tuesday. The race card didn’t work. She needs the “firewall” of the Latino vote. But Tom Brokaw’s candidate is floundering. Tim Russert’s candidate, Barack Obama, seems to be doing better than expected. Good for you, Tim. I’m proud of you. Olbermann’s candidate, Kucinich, is now gone. He’s back in Ohio, trying to keep his seat against a primary challenger. Mort Kondracke’s candidate, Ron Paul, gets weirder by the minute. (boos)

Good points all.

Update (AP): So he ended up using the same spin the Observer predicted? That it’s some kind of moral victory that McCain succeeded by pretending to be conservative even though Rush has been hollering for weeks that Republicans shouldn’t believe him? Good lord.