The segment begins, appropriately, with John McCain talking about illegal immigration in a way that must have a demagogue like John Edwards glowing with silky green envy. Edwards the lord of the ginormous manor gets to talk about his father working for the mills to make an unconvincing case that he’s a man of the people; McCain talks about a US soldier who was captured and murdered by al Qaeda, whose wife turned out to be an illegal alien, en route to using our emotions to tug us toward amnesty for all illegal aliens (though he won’t admit that it’s amnesty). Out of the 12-20 million cases of illegal aliens taking up residence in the US, the case McCain cites can’t even account for a meaningful blip in the statistics. It says nothing about what we should do about border security. It just misuses the murder of a valiant soldier by terrorist scum as an excuse to leave the nation’s back door open to the same kind of people who killed him along with the millions who had nothing to do with it. If McCain had any shame, he wouldn’t use that story to argue that, essentially, US immigration law doesn’t mean anything because one soldier was married to an illegal alien. But he uses it nevertheless.

Michelle’s first point, about being tired of McCain telling us who he won’t enforce the law against, is spot on. That is why law-and-order conservatives are beyond annoyed with McCain. And then she gets going strong from there.

By the way, John McCain has picked up some notable support lately…from Mother Jones.