Patrick Ruffini is running the poll, which asks two questions.

#1. If Fred drops out of the race, who will you support?

#2. If Fred drops out and endorses McCain, what impact will that have on your vote?

Before you Fredheads yell at me about this poll, consider that Fred declared that South Carolina was his stand state and he finished third there. Also consider that at some point, people have to start dropping out of the GOP race, and Fred and Huckabee are probably the most likely major candidates to drop out at this point. Huckabee because South Carolina gave him a loss on what amounted to home turf, and Fred because the evidence of Fredmentum is, sadly, scant. Reality’s teeth are getting sharper by the day.

If I had my druthers, Fred would stay in, we would go to a brokered convention and Fred would end up on the ticket. But my druthers don’t seem to be accounting for much these days.

Update: Carl Cameron says there may be a decision coming Tuesday.

As we have previously reported Fred Thomspon is in Tennessee visiting his 90 plus year old mother who is recovering from an illness

There will be no decisions today as Thompson mulls whether to carry on his bid for the presidency but he is expected to say something definitive tomorrow, probably first thing in the morning.

While no one in the campaign will be surprised if he withdraws they have no idea which way he will go and they do have some money if he should decide to continue.