The question and follow-up in this clip tell you all you need to know about the Nevada Democrat debate. If you’re not watching it, you’re not missing much. For all the kissing and making up between the Obama and Clinton camps, identity politics is still very much a part of the campaign and it will be for the duration. Here, John Edwards is first asked by a “progressive woman” voter who emailed her question in why she shouldn’t resent having to choose between “the first viable woman candidate” and the “first viable African-American candidate” since the Dem candidates’ policies are all so similar. And the follow-up question, well, just takes it.

The answers, by the way, don’t really matter. They’re typical Edwardsian blather. The Republican nominee will need a good response to the follow-up question in the fall, though.

Update: The three amigos made a pact between them to throw away the Iraq war no matter which one wins or what the war’s status is at the time. Gateway Pundit has the video.