I’m sure you’ve heard some of the story, but in case not, last month Pasadena, TX man Joe Horn shot and killed two men who were breaking into his neighbor’s property. The entire incident was recorded, as he was on the phone with 911 when he exited his home to shoot the two men.

It turns out that the would-be burglars were in the US illegally, and both were known criminals.

Miguel Dejesus and Diego Ortiz were both from Colombia. Dejesus spent six years in a Texas prison for drug dealing, then was deported. Obviously, he came back illegally. Ortiz was arrested by Houston police on a drug charge. We don’t know much more about him, because Houston is a “Sanctuary City” and does not cooperate with Homeland Security or with the press in matters involving criminal aliens.

That last sentence probably answers why they weren’t deported again: Houston’s sanctuary policies.

And they were already being watched by the Texas Department of Public Safety during their most recent illegal stay in the US for allegedly using fraudulent documents to obtain valid Texas drivers licenses.

According to a DPS memo obtained by 11 News, the department was investigating the use of Puerto Rican birth certificates by Colombians seeking to obtain Texas driver’s licenses.

Both Ortiz and Dejesus had applied for licenses. Dejesus listed his country of origin as Puerto Rico, but both men were Colombian.

Apparently, the DPS is investigating hundreds of immigrants who may have used illegal papers to get Texas licenses.

But that’s not all.

A much wider probe has been launched into an organized syndicate of Colombians who are engaged in illegal weapons sales and home break-ins – just like the one Ortiz and Dejesus were involved in last month in Pasadena.

How many more of these stories do we have to hear before Washington gets a clue and secures the border? Too many.

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