Her name is Sunsara Taylor, and I’ve probably seen her at one or two of the protests we’ve covered. She’s cleaned up here on the Factor, but in the wild I’m sure she’s as hippie as the rest of them.

She’s with World Can’t Wait! (because it has bladder control issues or something) and World Can’t Wait! (to get back into life with Depends) is a bona fide Communist outfit. They have been lead organizers, along with the ANSWER crowd, in organizing the anti-war protests all over the country. They are not merely anti-Bush or even anti-American. They are not merely on the other side in this war. They are and will always be against anything and everything that America does until America is remade into Amerika and has a hammer and sickle on its flag. They make common cause with the jihadists now because the jihadists are our current number one enemy. Once the jihadists are defeated, World Can’t Wait! (to get to the nearest Port-O-Let) will size up the country’s mood, figure out what enemy might be lurking out there with evil designs on us, and Sunsara and her merry band of Stalinist throwbacks will make common cause with whoever that is. It’s just what they do. As Dennis Green is famous for saying, they are who we think they are. But we shouldn’t let them off the hook.

Laura gives Sunsara all the respect she’s due in this clip. Enjoy.

Update: Yes, this is the same Sunsara Taylor who accused the Bush administration of crushing baby testicles in Iraq. And yet her dissent remains oddly uncrushed. What a strange world.