Too bad. It would be nice to make them all vote on Kucinich’s nonsense, and kill it, so it would go away for good.

U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said Tuesday he will block an effort to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney.

Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio has announced he will try to force a vote on Cheney’s impeachment.

Hoyer said he will use parliamentary tactics to table that effort.

“Impeachment is not on the agenda,” Hoyer said.

Now Kucinich can get back to more pressing concerns, like digging the alien implant out of his rump.

Update: Kucinich is on the House Floor right now reading his articles of impeachment. It’s like a moonbat version of Harry Potter — full of myths and legends that make for a good yarn but don’t actually describe reality.

Update: I’m not going to live-blog Kucinich’s speech, but he just said “Iran has not attacked the United States,” so therefore if we attacked them it would be illegal.


1979 — Iranian students seize the US embassy in Tehran and hold Americans hostage for 444 days. The embassy was sovereign US soil, ergo, that was an attack on the United States.

1983 — Hezbollah truck bombs the Marine barracks in Beirut, killing over 240 Americans. Iran runs Hezbollah as its proxy terrorist army, ergo, that was an Iranian attack on US personnel.

June 25, 1996 — terrorists attack the Khobar Towers barracks in Saudi Arabia, killing 19 US personnel. Iran financed that attack, ergo it was an Iranian attack on Americans

2003 to the present — Iranians fund, train and equip insurgents, militias and terrorists in Iraq who are fighting and killing our troops, ergo Iran is waging a war against us in Iraq right now.

You’d think a Congressman would know some or all of this. But in Kucinich’s case, you would be wrong to assume that he knows anything at all.

Update: Stand by, I have video of Kucinich’s Iran remarks on the way.

Update: Here it is. He’s quoting some UN international law to argue that the US can’t even threaten Iran, much less attack it.

Supposing that he’s even getting the law right, then it’s also illegal for Iran to threaten to wipe Israel off the map as it has done repeatedly over the past couple of years. It’s also illegal for Iran to operate its proxy armies in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq and everywhere Hezbollah cells exist including the United States. If he’s reading the law correctly, the US has had a causus belli against Iran since 1979. But Kucinich isn’t even attempting to apply the law to Iran at all. He’s just using it to argue for the impeachment of Cheney. What a tool.

Here’s a move that both undercuts Kucinich’s entire argument that Iran hasn’t attacked us, and a move that he probably approves: The US is releasing 9 Iranians who are being held in Iraq, including some of the Irbil Five. They’re suspected Iranian officers were were caught attacking US troops in Iraq. We’re still holding 3 suspects. Kucinich probably wants them released too.