Hoo-boy. This comes to us courtesy Incorrect U. As Andrew Marcus interviews a CAIR supporter, and then watches as a CAIR critic steps up to challenge the CAIR supporter, things get a little heated. Soon enough a security officer steps up to eject the CAIR supporter for being disorderly. The officer happens to be black; the CAIR supporter says something to the effect of “Go sit in your master’s house” as the officer escorts him toward the door. I can’t make out the second slur, but going by Marcus’ reaction, there is a second one.

We have another video from the GWU event in the works. Jason Mattera makes the rounds asking variations on a simple question about Islamo-fascism, with interesting results and reactions. I’ll post it tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times has a huge round up on the GWU events.

Update: The CAIR supporter is former boxer Umar Lee. LGF has more, and wishes Lee a hearty booga booga.