Well, it’s probably a shock to some people. But not to most educated and wealthy people across the fruited plains. According to this year’s Harris Poll on pro football:

The percentage of those who say they follow professional football remains stable at about half of all adults (49% this year);

Perhaps, not surprisingly, men (63%) are more likely to follow professional football than women (37%);

Over half (55%) of Baby Boomers (those aged 43-61) follow football, making it the largest generation of football followers. Just under half (49%) of both Gen Xers (those aged 31-42) and Matures (those aged 62 and older) follow football but just 42 percent of Echo Boomers (those aged 18-30) follow the sport;

The more education one has, the more likely one follows professional football. While three in five (60%) of those with a post grad degree follow football, 45 percent of those with a high school degree or less follow it.

In other words, fans of pro football are just all around above-average people.