One convention ends, another convention begins. The Sunday shows will wrap up coverage of the Democratic pageant this morning and look forward to the Republican one with combatants from both sides. RNC chair Ronna “Don’t Say ‘Romney'” McDaniel will tell “Face the Nation” that the Dems’ convention was a failure and the GOP’s will be a success while Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield counters on “This Week” that the Dems’ convention was a success and the GOP’s will surely be a failure. Look for McDaniel to drop a hint or two about how the Republican format might differ from the Dems’ Zoom experience. A clue from the Times:

Instead of handing over the reins to an experienced television producer, Mr. Trump is trying to weigh in on much of the programming himself, mostly with the help of people from his own White House. And he’s insistent on having it still look on television like a “real convention,” i.e., with an audience component, and on playing a major role himself every night.

The halting stimulus negotiations between the White House and House Democrats are also on the menu this morning. Same players as usual: Mark Meadows will make the case for a slimmed-down bill on “This Week” and “Fox News Sunday” while Nancy Pelosi calls for trillions — plural — on “State of the Union.”

The star guest, though, is this guy, who’s slowly transforming into a caricature of himself:

He’ll be on “Face the Nation” to discuss … I’m not sure what, really. The Durham report? It’s not out yet and hasn’t leaked, so all he can do is pre-spin it as a politicized attempt to delegitimize the Russia investigation. I’m guessing he’s also prepared to make a presidential endorsement since he tweeted this shortly after Joe Biden wrapped up his speech on Thursday night:

He’ll critique Trump at length as well about upending institutional norms during a presidential campaign, a subject with which Comey is intimately familiar.

Also on this morning is Notre Dame President John Jenkins, who worked hard to make in-class instruction feasible this fall and had his best laid plans derailed by COVID after just two weeks. What are the prospects for resuming — and maintaining — classroom teaching next month? He’ll discuss with “Face the Nation.” The full line-up is at the AP.