We thought we were done seeing him on Sunday mornings once impeachment faded from America’s radar, but no, like the coronavirus, Adam Schiff never really goes away. His second wave begins this morning with a double-barreled “I told you so” on “Meet the Press.” He was booked initially to comment on John Bolton’s new book, which appears to confirm House Democrats’ suspicions of a quid pro quo with Ukraine and their larger thesis that Trump treats foreign policy as a subset of his election campaign. But the “Friday night massacre” that played out 36 hours ago in the Southern District of New York presents him with a new opportunity to rant about corruption by Trump and Bill Barr. Will House Democrats hold hearings into the (attempted) firing of Geoffrey Berman? Will they call Berman to testify? Will they … impeach Trump again if Berman claims that he was targeted because his office was investigating Trump’s cronies? Stay tuned.

Actually, since it’s Jerry Nadler who’s chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, not Schiff, those questions are better directed to him. And they will be: Nadler’s also a guest this morning, sitting down with “State of the Union” to discuss the Berman matter.

Elsewhere this morning, Tim Scott will offer a prognosis on the Senate GOP’s police reform bill to “This Week.” And DHS Secretary Chad Wolf will offer a prognosis of his own, specifically about the fate of DACA in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision this week. Trump is caught in a familiar political bind on that subject: His base wants him to double down on ending the program, in keeping with his campaign promises from 2016, whereas the other two-thirds of the country wants legal status for DREAMers to stand. The president will follow his instincts by sticking with righties in the belief that he can’t afford to alienate core supporters, no matter how much that might alienate the majority of other voters. Wolf will be on “Meet the Press” and “Face the Nation” to preview next steps on winding down DACA.

Finally, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms will chat with “State of the Union” about the killing of Rayshard Brooks, the ongoing police sick-out that followed the murder charge against Garrett Rolfe, and her probably dwindling prospects of being named Joe Biden’s VP. Biden wants to avoid controversies related to police brutality and race in his choice of nominee, which is why Amy Klobuchar’s chances evaporated after George Floyd’s murder. Bottoms is going to spend months in a political storm generated by Brooks’s death, with activists on one side demanding prison for Rolfe and police on the other insisting that Rolfe’s been railroaded. That’s probably reason enough for Biden to stay away from her. The full line-up is at the AP.