Simple answer, buddy: Because he delivers ratings. And he’s a buddy of the president’s. And he’s probably going to run himself in 2024 and Fox doubtless would like to be able to boast that it was instrumental in launching the political careers of not one but two Republican nominees/presidents.

I offer this both as a palate cleanser and as a sneak preview of tonight’s Tucker show, on the assumption that he’ll address the segment on air. Why wouldn’t he? It’s great partisan fodder for both sides. For Carlson, it’s proof that the left’s impulse to silence dissenting voices can’t be contained even when they’re guests of his own network, provided a free platform to get their political message out.

And for the guest himself, Michael Blake, it’s primo fundraising material. Coincidentally, he’s running for Congress in NYC this year. And he hasn’t been shy about touting his Fox stunt this morning on his Twitter account to raise money for his election:

He’s been tweeting and retweeting the clip all day long as I write this at 5:45 ET. You’re left to wonder why more Democratic candidates haven’t thought of the same gimmick. Ask to be on Fox to discuss policy, hijack the interview by chanting “Hannity sucks” or whatever, then wait for the money to roll in.

The interview is broken into two clips below because Blake and Hemmer came back to the subject later in the segment after initially straying away from it. I think maybe the real answer to Blake’s question is that, damn it, in an age of right-wing nationalism someone on Fox has to be willing to flatly admit that they’re rooting for Russia. And yes, I realize Tucker walked it back at the end of last night’s show by claiming that he was joking. That must be true; after all, since when do “America First” isolationists root for European fascism? Anyway.