To cleanse the palate, I’m suspicious that this is real. It’s the crispest surveillance footage I’ve ever seen, the scene is well lit for a bar in the middle of the night, and the main player just happens to be perfectly positioned inside the room for viewers to watch his every totally unbelievable move.

Also, why rob a bar with a long gun instead of with a weapon that’s easier to conceal?

It’s real, says the bartender. It happened early Wednesday morning at a tavern in St. Louis.

A St. Louis man who’s obviously seen a few things was caught on camera looking completely unphased as an armed thief held up the bar he was drinking in.

At one point, the man can be seen lighting up a cigarette — keeping his cool the entire time and refusing to get up from his chair — while the suspect points his heavily modified pistol at him. He even refuses to give up his cellphone when ordered by the crook…

“This is incredible,” wrote one person on Twitter. “Dude has no f–ks left.”

It’s true. To set the stage for you, the video picks up apparently at the moment the gunman enters the bar, momentarily out of frame on the lower left. Everyone reacts — except the man who, indeed, seems to have no f**ks left to give.

Which is probably how it is for a lot of people sitting in a bar in Missouri at 12:30 a.m. in the middle of the week, let’s face it.

The question that now needs answering: Was the guy blitzed and thus artificially sedate or was he naturally this indifferent to the prospect of a sudden and violent death?