Is this guy in a position to be rescinding invitations on New York’s behalf? It’d be like Trump warning an expat that Americans don’t want him around.

Have you checked your own approval rating, buddy?

Let me remind you what happened the last time Trump and de Blasio each had their favorability tested in a poll of New York voters. Here’s Trump…

…and here’s the very progressive Democrat running for president who’s in charge of America’s most populous city:

Trump’s unfavorable rating is higher — but so is his favorable rating. He has more fans in New York than de Blasio does.

In New York *state,* that is. When you poll NYC specifically, de Blasio does better but not by much. Trump’s at 29/66 in the Big Apple, de Blasio’s at 39/52. It’s at least within the realm of possibility that the brash, reactionary right-wing Republican president will be more popular in New York City circa 2021 than the far-left mayor, for whom seemingly no one in the city has any use. And not just the city: A few months ago, FiveThirtyEight found that de Blasio was the one and only Dem presidential candidate in a field of 8,000 or so to have a negative favorable rating among Democratic voters nationally, roughly 20 points below what you’d expect his rating to be given how well-known he is.

People just don’t like him. And not in a Trumpian hyperpolarizing way in which many hate him to an irrational degree but just as many defend his every word to a cultish extent. The vibe on de Blasio is a pretty solid uniform dislike. It’s almost impressive, really.

By the way, if you’re wondering what prompted him to roll out unwelcome mat, I think it’s the war of words Trump and de Blasio had on Twitter over miscreants dousing New York police officers with water:

What did Trump want him to do about the dousing, exactly? De Blasio did denounce the behavior.

Anyway, I don’t think POTUS is going back to NYC when he’s done. It’s true enough that he wouldn’t be received warmly, even if de Blasio’s in no position to gloat about that. Why endure the snubs of Manhattan high society when he could relocate to sunny Mar-a-Lago and spend his days golfing, receiving well-wishers, and developing plans for the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library, Hotel, and Casino? Exit question: Will de Blasio be welcomed back to NYC after his dismal failure of a presidential run? The jury’s out.