I’m writing this on Saturday morning, while we’re still in suspense as to whether the Mueller report will be released in time for the Sunday shows — but it doesn’t much matter for programming purposes. If Bill Barr releases the report (or a summary of its conclusions) today, it’ll be the only topic of discussion on Sunday morning. And if Barr doesn’t release the report today, it’ll … still be the only topic of discussion on Sunday morning.

The media’s filled 22 months of airtime chattering excitedly about Mueller’s investigation without knowing what’s going on. They can do it for a few more hours.

The star guest this morning is not, of course, Bob Mueller but rather Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He’s in charge of the impeachment process if and when it ever begins. Based on the fact that not only Trump but his children escaped indictment by Mueller, it’s a safe bet now that he won’t be impeached over Russiagate. Nadler will appear on “Meet the Press,” “State of the Union,” and “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the end of Mueller’s probe, his high expectations for the Trump investigations happening in the Southern District of New York, and perhaps his interest in a new House resolution condemning the global BDS movement targeting Israel. That’ll be a difficult vote for his own caucus. Why’s he insisting on it?

Also appearing this morning: Marco Rubio, who’ll follow Nadler on “Meet the Press,” and Adam Schiff, who’ll sit down with “Face the Nation” and try to pretend that he’s not emotionally shattered by Mueller’s decision not to indict Trump. The full line-up is at the AP.