It’s rare that the most noteworthy guest on the Sunday shows isn’t a federal or state official but that’s the case this morning as New York mayor Bill de Blasio sits down with “Meet the Press” to chat about the collapse of the city’s HQ2 deal with Amazon. De Blasio’s a progressive but supported Amazon’s arrival for the same reason most New Yorkers did: Whatever one’s misgivings about tax breaks for mega-corporations, 25,000 jobs is 25,000 jobs. He had unkind things to say to the media yesterday about the opposition effort led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that spoiled the arrangement, and presumably will repeat them this morning.

Which is a strange strategic move for a guy who’s reportedly thinking of running for president — as a leftist, no less. Is that the way you endear yourself to the party’s left wing in 2019, by siding with Jeff Bezos in a fight with AOC and then taking your critique of her national?

Maybe he thinks this is a battle-for-the-soul-of-progressivism moment and wants to make the case that jobs plus billions in extra tax revenue are good things. Good luck to him as he runs headfirst at the granite cardinal rule that Corporations Are Bad.

The other big story this morning is Trump’s national emergency declaration. Defending the president will be Lindsey Graham on “Face the Nation” and Rush Limbaugh on “Fox News Sunday.” Opposing him will be a smattering of Democratic senators and congressmen plus GOP Rep. Will Hurd, who represents a majority-Latino border district in Texas. No one from the White House is booked as of Saturday morning but a last-minute Stephen Miller cameo is always possible. The full line-up is at the AP.