A slow holiday news week leaves the Sunday shows with little recourse but to start yakking about 2020 to fill the time. “This Week” features three contenders from the midwest: Democrat Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Democrat Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and, er, Republican John Kasich, also of Ohio.

Make that two contenders from the midwest.

Klobuchar and Brown are both likely to get lost in the large and still growing Democratic primary pack but they’ve each demonstrated an increasingly rare skill in their party, consistently winning elections in a region that’s gotten Trumpier. Brown, in fact, seems to be the only Dem in Ohio who can still win at a statewide level. He’s progressive enough to keep lefties happy but he’ll be followed around by #MeToo questions and will have to make the case to a diversifying party that what they really need is another white guy as nominee. Klobuchar is probably too low-key to muscle past noisier contenders for voter attention but she’d be dangerous as the nominee precisely because she’s so inoffensive. Trump won the presidency by convincing voters that his opponent was scarier than he was. That’d be an almost impossible sale with Klobuchar. Good thing he’s unlikely to face her.

Elsewhere, Mike Lee will swing by “Meet the Press” to make the conservative case for criminal justice reform. He’ll be followed by leftist billionaire Tom Steyer, who’s about to parlay his months-long impeachment campaign against Trump into a perfectly predictable presidential run. And Ben Sasse will be on “Fox News Sunday” talking about Ben Sasse stuff — norms, communities, social capital. You know how it goes. The full line-up is at the AP.