Like I told you last night: These are garbage people. And Gillibrand, an opportunist turned demagogue, is among the worst.

Can we think of any reasons why an innocent man might not want an FBI investigation? Josh Barro can:

That’s exactly why Democrats want the FBI to investigate, to legitimize the charges even if they’re false. An FBI probe at this point wouldn’t be a criminal investigation, just a follow-up on the background investigation into Kavanaugh they’ve already conducted. They’d take statements from relevant parties — i.e. what the Judiciary Committee has offered to do — stick it in Kavanaugh’s file, and that’ll be that. Most Americans won’t understand the distinction between a background investigation and a criminal investigation, though. If they see the headline “FBI INVESTIGATING RAPE CLAIM AGAINST KAVANAUGH,” they’ll draw the conclusion that a criminal probe has been launched, that essentially the feds now believe there’s something to the allegation and might be building a case for a grand jury.

Not so. But Gillibrand and the rest of her caucus know how that headline will be received. They also know that the media is uniformly rooting for this nomination to tank for all sorts of reasons, starting with their support for abortion, and will frame those headlines in the most damning way for Kavanaugh. If Christine Ford and her lawyer wanted an honest-to-goodness criminal probe, they’d be appealing to the law-enforcement agency with actual jurisdiction over that matter, Maryland police. But they don’t, and neither does Gillibrand, really. What she wants is something that’ll make the average voter, who doesn’t have time to follow this saga minute by minute, think that police have come to believe a crime was committed. Solution: Demand an FBI probe. Gillibrand’s no dummy.

Well, actually, she is sort of a dummy. Actual quote from the clip below: “I believe Dr. Blasey Ford because she’s telling the truth.” Determining whether she’s telling the truth is ostensibly the point of the hearing Democrats have been demanding and also would be a key question in the FBI investigation Gillibrand claims to want. If she’s made up her mind, let’s dispense with both and vote. Meanwhile, literally the only evidence we have that Ford is telling the truth comes from Ford herself, and even she’s vague on particulars. She can’t provide a date or location of the assault; the other man she says was in the room that night denies that it happened; her husband seems to be the only person who heard her identify her attacker as Kavanaugh until earlier this year. Smearing Kavanaugh as presumptively guilty because he doesn’t want another delay for an FBI probe that’s destined to be inconclusive is the icing on the cake for Gillibrand, a politician willing to pronounce a man a rapist before he’s even testified because this sort of smear will advance you up the ladder in left-wing politics today. She’s a lousy person. She’ll probably be president.

We deserve her.