You say what you want about the “Jim Acosta” character but the fact is that the absurd live-action sitcom we’re now inhabiting would be boring without him.

Trust the writers. They’ve gotten us this far.

The latest round of grandstanding came at this afternoon’s White House briefing, which most actual journalists in the room treated as a chance to quiz high-ranking natsec officials about potential campaign meddling by Russia this fall. Not Big Jim:

Not satisfied with getting to grandstand on camera, the poor guy was still emoting like peak Shatner afterward:

Here’s the clip, though, which history will look back on as the moment he locked up the nomination to be President Avenatti’s VP:

No, seriously, I think this is the moment CNN finally decides to give him his own show. They’ve been thinking about it for awhile, remember. The left enjoys him earnestly and the right enjoys him the way pro-wrestling fans enjoy their favorite “heel.” Who would you be more likely to watch at 10 p.m., if only out of pure freak-show curiosity — Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, or a guy who thinks maybe it’s time for the media to gather en masse outside the White House and chant things?

It’s a television tradition to monetize “breakout characters” by giving them their own spinoff. It’s time.