The polling news has been nothing but good lately for the GOP, yet Democrats were still narrowly favored to retake the House.

Until now.

With this hint that Secretary Deadweight is prepared to take an active role this fall, the HA Decision Desk is moving the House outlook to leans GOP. Congrats to Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

She said this at the Democrat Women’s Leadership Forum, along with a few other things. Evidently the party that’s spent the last year relentlessly hyping every speculative Russiagate breadcrumb is the “party of facts”:

While Clinton did not directly address the issue during her remarks, both she and Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez said Democrats stand for a women’s right to choose. “And if you believe that you have to vote for Democrats,” Clinton told the crowd.

While working her list of Democratic principles as she sees them, Clinton took a sarcastic and not-so-veiled jab at President Trump and congressional Republicans. “We stand for truth for evidence and facts,” she told the ballroom full of female members of Congress, activists and candidates. “What an incredible thing…We have kind of an affection for evidence.”

An affection for evidence? Her campaign’s reaction to losing the Michigan primary to Bernie Sanders was to not compete in the Rust Belt during the general election, believing that doing so might “wake up” working-class white voters to Trump’s appeal or something.

If it’s evidence she wants, here’s some data to try to gauge how the midterm is likely to go:

Signs suggest that the economy should remain in good shape through the Nov. 6 election. The Blue Chip Economic Indicators survey for May of 52 top economists forecasts a 3.2 percent increase in the real gross domestic product for the current, second quarter of this year. The New York Fed Staff Nowcast model pegs second-quarter GDP growth at 2.97 percent, and the Atlanta Fed GDPNow model points to a 4 percent growth rate. The Blue Chip consensus forecast is for a 3 percent rate in the third quarter and slight dip to 2.8 percent real GDP growth rate for the fourth quarter of 2018. The Blue Chip consensus forecast for the unemployment rate is 4 percent for the current quarter, dropping to 3.9 and 3.7 percent for the third and fourth quarters of this year, respectively.

Exit question: Is it now officially okay again for politicians to say that they want to “take our country back”? Despite being the oldest hymn in the electoral songbook, that was briefly deemed racist for a few years not long ago. Glad to see it’s been restored to respectability just in time for Democrats to use it.