What if the Comey book tour never ends? What if, 20 years from now, he’s still out there on television every day or two stumbling through answers about the precise definition of “leaking” and who really funded the Steele dossier?

It’ll end eventually. Just not today. He’s the star guest on the Sunday shows this morning, sitting down with “Meet the Press” to hopefully explain whether his famous briefing for Trump on the dossier was orchestrated by James Clapper to insert the story into the media. He may be asked too what he plans to do about the president accusing him publicly of having “lied all over the place to cover … up” his leaking. If that’s as untrue as Comey insists it is, why not sue for defamation? Or does he fear that he’s likely to lose the suit, as most public figures do when suing for libel, and that that judgment will then be cited as proof that Trump’s characterization of him was correct?

Elsewhere this morning, Trey Gowdy will appear on “Face the Nation.” Gowdy’s been on the right’s sh*t list for the last few months because of his defenses of Bob Mueller and the Russiagate probe but he’s clawed back a little goodwill lately by attacking Comey for his “weaselly” morality lecturing. Expect him to double down. Also expect some top natsec deputies from the White House, possibly even Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, to turn up somewhere to discuss the summit between North and South Korea this past week. Neither one is scheduled on any shows yet but administration TV bookings tend to happen at the last minute. If they both hit the airwaves this morning we may get materially different perspectives on the Korea situation, with Bolton famously a skeptic of North Korean intentions and Pompeo, as America’s new top diplomat and the man who met face to face with Kim Jong Un earlier this month, forced to be more hopeful. The full line-up is at the AP.