One guess which country is responsible for this.

Here’s what it means to get old and die inside. Thirty years ago, this would have been not merely the coolest thing I’d ever seen but the coolest thing my young mind could imagine. Thirty years later, I sit here and wonder what sort of mileage it would get.

Two obvious problems they need to work on. One: Speed. It’s not a proper Transformer unless it transforms in under five seconds with lots of impressive clanging as the metal parts swing into place. Two: Connectivity. I don’t mean Internet connectivity, I mean this kind of connectivity. The only thing more captivating to my younger self than Transformers was Voltron. Let me know when there are companion motorcycles that turn into interlocking arms for this thing.

According to one report, in car mode it can do upwards of 40 m.p.h. and in Transformer mode it can cover around 110 y.p.h. — that’s “yards per hour.” Sixty minutes, one football field. Lots of room for improvement here.