Smart choice by the White House in selecting which deputy should represent it on the Sunday shows this morning. Trump’s been accused of acting impetuously with both of his big policy moves this week, first with the sudden announcement of steel and aluminum tariffs and then by agreeing out of the blue to a summit with Kim Jong Un. Who do you call when you want to defend those moves as having been carefully thought through? One of America’s top intelligence officials, of course. CIA Director Mike Pompeo is on tap for “Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday,” where he’ll be pressed on whether tensions over the tariffs might damage intelligence-sharing with allies and whether he thinks the Kim summit could be productive. (Expected answers: No and yes, respectively.)

The tariffs will be a hot topic elsewhere, with Sunday-show bookers lining up Republican critics to emphasize the ideological divide within the party. Both Jeff Flake and Ron Johnson have chattered this week about possible legislation to undo the tariffs, with Flake going so far as to say he’ll write a bill to that effect. He’ll be on “Meet the Press” while Johnson will stop by “State of the Union.” There are no tariff-defenders scheduled as I write this on Saturday morning but Peter Navarro will probably turn up somewhere to make that case.

Maybe the most interesting guest with respect to tariffs, though, is Elizabeth Warren. She’ll want to impress the Berniebros ahead of 2020 by sounding sanguine about protectionism but she won’t want to defend Trumponomics. What does she say about the new policy? She’ll appear on “Meet the Press” and “State of the Union” to discuss that and her spiritual journey towards becoming an honorary Native American or whatever. The full line-up is at the AP.