Ah, Super Bowl Sunday, when two teams meet on the field of battle for supremacy in their sport. That makes it a perfect day for mud-flinging over the Nunes memo, with Republicans and Democrats each scrambling for slots on this morning’s Sunday shows to press their side’s case. A very notable omission is Devin Nunes himself, who spoke about the memo in the friendly confines of Fox News on Friday but isn’t booked for any appearances as I write this on Saturday morning. That’ll probably change. Either way, the man to watch today isn’t Nunes but his colleague Trey Gowdy, who’ll be the lead guest on “Face the Nation.” As the only Republican on the House Intel Committee to have read the intelligence the memo is based on, and as a man who’s reportedly clashed with Nunes behind the scenes and will be out of Congress come next year, Gowdy’s the closest thing we have to a well-informed “neutral” voice on the memo and the underlying FISA evidence. If he echoes his tweets from Friday afternoon, that the memo raises troubling questions but does nothing to impugn Bob Mueller’s investigation, Trump will be unhappy.

Other Intel Committee members are scattered across this morning’s five programs but Adam Schiff is the obvious star for Democrats. He’ll sit down with “This Week” to attack Nunes and the memo. Obama CIA chiefs John Brennan and Leon Panetta will be on too to rant about Nunes, Trump, and the “politicization of intelligence,” with Brennan scheduled for “Meet the Press” and Panetta set for “Fox News Sunday.”

In case you’re all memo-ed out, though, Reince Priebus will be on “Meet the Press” as well to discuss life after Trump, what he told Bob Mueller’s team during his Russiagate interview, and Anthony Scaramucci calling him “Rancid Penis” and a “f***ing Sith Lord.” The full line-up is at the AP.