New Year’s Eve falling on a Sunday makes things tricky for a news-show booker. All the A-list guests are off enjoying downtime and there’s little news to chatter about from the slow week between Christmas and today. What’s a TV producer to do?

A few possibilities:

1. Round up a few of your own network’s talking heads for an extended 2017 review/2018 preview. That’s what “Meet the Press” and “Fox News Sunday” are up to this morning.

2. Book some politicos who are always interested in free camera time (Lindsey Graham) or who are up and coming within their party and willing to interrupt vacation for national exposure (Liz Cheney). “Face the Nation” has got that covered today.

3. Schedule a colorful B- or C-list newsmaker from the past year, wind him up, and let him riff on whatever in hopes that he’ll say something provocative. Result: Anthony Scaramucci is the lead guest on “State of the Union,” where he’ll reflect on 11 Days That Shook The World and ferociously dunk on his nemesis, Steve Bannon, for the Roy Moore and Paul Nehlen fiascos.

Hopefully there’ll be some coverage of the protests in Iran too. The full line-up is at the AP.