The idea, I assume, is that they’ll be wearing black shirts with their tuxes this year instead of white ones. Even so, the idea of “protesting” decades of sexual abuse by slightly changing the color of the designer duds you plan to wear to a glitzy awards show is the most Hollywood thing ever. They could have canceled the awards shows this year as meager penance for the conspiracy of silence that enabled cretins like Harvey Weinstein for decades. They could have individually boycotted the shows, or they could have each made very lucrative donations to sex-abuse charities and used the shows to promote public donations with a hotline number.

Better still, they could have outed some of the degenerates who are still being protected by a conspiracy of silence. Because you know and I know that plenty of people in that audience know those names.

But no, they’re going to do the absolute metaphysical minimum by holding their big party as scheduled and dressing to the nines for it but adding a tiny element of darkness to suggest that they’re introspective and contrite. It’s so feeble, it’s worse than those colored lapel ribbons they used to wear to signal their virtue. And it’s so vain, in every sense, that it feels worse than not protesting at all.

A number of high profile actors including Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hiddleston and Armie Hammer will sport black on the Globes red carpet according to their stylist Ilaria Urbinanti…

“YES the men WILL be standing in solidarity with women on this wearing all-black movement to protest against gender inequality at this year’s Golden Globes. At least ALL MY GUYS will be,” celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinanti wrote last week on Instagram…

Another celebrity stylist, Karla Welch, who is known for styling celebs such as Tracee Ellis Ross, Olivia Wilde, Elisabeth Moss, Sarah Paulson, hinted that her A-list clients may also don black with an emjoii comment on Urbanati’s Instagram which showed a man with his arms up and a heart with a circle 🙌🏻🙏🏻❤️⚫️.

Women are wearing designer black gowns to the show too instead of the usual multicolored fare, which is more daring in the same sense that driving a Lamborghini to the ceremony would be more daring than taking a limo. Instead of the traditional Hollywood glamour orgy it’ll merely look like the most exclusive funeral on Earth, a sneak preview of the scene when Spielberg or Martin Scorsese finally kicks the bucket. The least the producers can do is make sure the gift bags include tasers in case a few woman find themselves cornered at one of the afterparties by an as-yet-unexposed Weinstein-type. Which, let’s face it, is all but guaranteed to happen.

Here’s a protest idea for you: Don’t watch. I’m preaching to the choir in saying that since many (most?) righties stopped watching Hollywood’s self-celebrations ages ago. But some of you do still tune in, whether out of force of habit or boredom or the nostalgia of enjoying movies before you were old enough to begin thinking politically. Don’t watch this year. The least celebrities can do to express disgust at their own enabling of predators is to vary the color of their dress; the least you can do to express your disgust at them is to deliver the worst ratings their awards shows have ever seen. (Not going to movies in the first place is too high an ask, I realize.) If they won’t suffer even the slightest penalty for behaving as they have then they’ll have no incentive to behave better. That’s Economics 101. So penalize them. There’s no excuse not to.