The clip’s embedded below but you really should watch it on the Twitter website for the full experience, scrolling down afterward through the endless angry replies from Clinton supporters. Is this any way to treat the first woman major-party presidential nominee?

Two genuinely shocking things about it. One: The clip is garbage, disposable nonsense that was clearly written in five minutes if not completely ad libbed. And yet it’s gotten 600,000 views as I write this. Never underestimate the power of idiot outrage to draw eyeballs, even for something so anodyne. Two: Evidently, Hillary Clinton still has fans. Lots of them. And after she blew a lay-up election and then irritated untold millions with her buck-passing book tour, they’re very eager indeed to find someone else to be angry at.

Oh, and the “knitting” remark? Made by a woman, Vanity Fair writer Maya Kosoff.

One day you’re a young bien-pensant literatus voting for Hillary (reluctantly, perhaps, having supported Bernie in the primary as good progressives do), the next you’re being scolded by Clintonites for sexism. Wokeness is a fickle mistress, especially when you work for a magazine with intellectual pretensions that’s therefore expected to have the correct politics in all things, including in offhand one-liners in dopey year-end filler content. If this had been a Fox News clip, for instance, the “knitting” line would barely have attracted comment apart from a perfunctory Media Matters item and a few listless point-and-sputter retweets on Twitter. Why, you’d expect this from Hannity but not from “Vanity.” It’s the element of betrayal here that’s most irksome to Hillaryites, I’d guess.

Various Hillary lackeys and Hollywood liberals are duly outraged:

Mashable and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution rounded up more over-the-top reactions, although the competition was stiff. The good news for Clintonistas is that she’s still officially America’s most admired woman, according to a new survey from Gallup. The bad news? She probably won’t be for much longer. The numbers, from left to right, reflect “most admired” percentages from 2013 to 2017:

That’s the 16th year in a row she’s won that title and the 22nd time since she became First Lady in 1993. The only other women to top her were Mother Teresa (twice) and Laura Bush (once). Amazingly, despite Michelle Obama’s rock-star status among Democrats, she’s never yet managed to inch past Hillary as most admired. Although given the decline in Clinton’s numbers, next year may be the year. Nobody likes a loser, after all, except I guess the thousands of people ragetweeting at Vanity Fair over a throwaway web video hosted by champagne-toting millennials.

There’s a Vanity Fair “New Year’s resolutions” video for Trump too, much of which focuses on his hair. If Hillary’s hair had come up in the clip above, hoo boy. Double-secret sexist! Oh, speaking of Trump, the most admired man in Gallup’s new poll isn’t him. He finished a close second behind his nemesis, Barack Obama. Until this year, the incumbent president had been the most admired man every single year since 1981, with one exception. That was Obama edging out Dubya in 2008 at the height of Obamamania and the nadir of Bush’s approval ratings. (Bill Clinton was the most admired man even in the year he was impeached.) If you want some rockin’ Trump’s New Year’s tweets, someone show him the new Gallup data and let him know he’s less admired than O. Yikes.