To cleanse the palate, I think he means “education” in terms of civic education, i.e. familiarity with policy and the candidates’ backgrounds, not grade-level achieved. It’d be weird if he didn’t since James himself famously skipped college after being drafted number one out of high school. Still, how often do you get to watch a mega-star athlete call the voters of his home state ignorant? This’ll be an interesting test to see if there’s anything Ohio’s favorite son can say or do to piss off his fans. Besides committing to play for another team at the end of a one-hour special devoted to his free agency, I mean.

And how the hell has Trump not taunted him yet on Twitter about having won Ohio? Normally he can’t stop talking about how many electoral votes he got last year, and the one time in his life he has a chance to call “scoreboard” on LeBron James, he clams up? For fark’s sake. What did we elect him for if not to ruthlessly troll major cultural figures and world leaders? If only he wasn’t stuck in a Twitter flame war right now with North Korea, he could focus.

The most dubious thing LeBron said, trying to capture the magnitude of the mistake he thinks Ohio made last November:

“You can go back in the history of time of sports and say the same thing because we keep bringing sports and politics into it, so you could look back at some of the greatest drafts of all-time and say that, ‘Okay, did the Trail Blazers make the right choice when they took Sam Bowie?’

I know he’s not suggesting that Hillary Clinton is the Michael Jordan of politics. If anything, she’s the Fred Brown of politics.

Watch to the end and you’ll see him say that he’s not inclined to participate in any anthem protests himself when the NBA season begins, preferring to pursue activism (mostly) off the court. (James is famously generous in his charitable endeavors.) But when asked elsewhere if he thinks there’ll be demonstrations by other players, he says he wouldn’t be surprised. The “take a knee” thing may be just getting started. Good news for Trump.