This is heartfelt, no doubt, but it feels quaint almost to the point of tackiness. “Checks and balances”? “Rule of law”? What does this guy think this is, 2011? Shut that yapper and MAGA, egghead.

In fairness to Trump, I’m not sure what occasions this lecture from Sasse. If the president tries to recess-appoint a replacement for Sessions when the Senate hasn’t declared itself to be in recess, sure, that’s unconstitutional. But the WaPo piece last night that claimed Trump is considering a recess appointment said nothing about him trying any sort of chicanery or legal sleight of hand. If the Senate adjourns next month (which it probably won’t), he’s entitled to can Sessions and name someone to replace him temporarily. Warning him not to take a dubious course of action which he hasn’t suggested he might take feels gratuitous — for now.

Anyway, it’ll be fun watching Trumpers in Nebraska wrestle with whether to primary Sasse in 2020 when he’s up for reelection. Do they dare risk party disunity in a year when Trump himself is on the ballot? It’s worth it to try to smite a NeverTrumper, right?