Something they threw together in the spirit of the season to remind us that racial and gender stereotypes are bad, with one exception. As a billion people on Twitter noted this afternoon as this dopey clip made the rounds, it is indeed basically a campaign ad for Trump 2020. I wrote a few days ago that I dislike the term “virtue-signaling” but what else is this strange little PSA except that? It’s an attempt to equate right-thinking with cheerful, casual contempt for “white guys.” That’s the most annoying thing about it — it doesn’t even muster real indignation. It’s tribal pageantry of the laziest sort.

Maybe we’ve got cause and effect wrong, though. This isn’t an ad for Trump, it’s a reaction to Trump. Republicans might take the White House and Congress and the Supreme Court and many, many state legislatures and governorships, but they’ll never take the young woke liberal’s freedom to feebly mock the Real Enemy. This garbage network should air nothing but “Catfish” episodes. (Great show, really!)