To cleanse the palate. The nearly universal explanation on social media for the short fuse seen here is that his polls are slipping, it’s been a long, disappointing race, and the frustration is finally bubbling over. I don’t know about that. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Johnson experience a weird eruption of temper in response to policy questions. Guy Benson took the brunt of his irritation back in August when he interviewed Johnson about immigration. What makes it that much odder is the fact that Johnson usually seems the opposite of irascible in his media appearances. He’s low-key and dorkily affable, the relatable island in a sea of Clinton/Trump malevolence. Press him too hard about an issue, though, and suddenly he’s in your face. For all the hand-wringing about Trump’s temperament, I can’t remember ever seeing Trump go from 0 to 60 in three seconds with his anger this way. If Johnson were threatening to win electoral votes next month, I bet one party or the other would make it an issue.

Now I’m imagining Johnson’s concession speech and picturing him working himself up into an angry 40-minute lather about Trump, Clinton, his running mate, the debate commission, the media, the Fed, fiat money, and on and on. There might be something to enjoy on election night after all.