The optimal time for her to have revealed this publicly was as soon as she witnessed it years ago, to shame the lechers into behaving better with other women in the future. Failing that, if she’s going to tu-quoque the dump-Trumpers in Congress, she could at least have named names here so that viewers wouldn’t let their imaginations run wild about innocent Republicans who are on the ballot. Instead, she’s seemingly all aboard the Trump-train strategy of burning down the party around them even as she’s telling Chris Matthews that America can’t take the risk of having Democrats packing the Supreme Court. We must defeat Hillary, or else we must also … wreck the Republican Congress? What?

Ben Shapiro can’t believe it:

If Kellyanne Conway has names to name, by all means, do it. Why is she shielding Republicans from charges of sexual harassment or assault? By not naming names, she slanders all Republicans who won’t back her man as sexual criminals. That’s morally disgusting.

And it’s absolutely destructive to both conservatives and the GOP…

Trump’s campaign doesn’t seek victory. It seeks a glorious end, a Wagnerian ring cycle Gotterdammerung. Everyone must go up in flames with Trump – and if they try to escape, he will seize them and drag them into the fire. Trump fans said they wanted everything to burn. Now they’ll get their wish. And they may get a Hillary-dominated White House, Congress, and Supreme Court because of it.

The rumor yesterday, fueled by her unusual silence on Twitter on Friday evening and all day Saturday, was that Conway’s support for Trump was wavering after the tape and that she might finally cut bait. Per NBC:

“We’re watching the end of the Trump campaign,” one Republican state director told NBC News. “There is clearly no control over him inside the operation.”…

A source within the campaign also strongly implied to NBC News that Conway was considering leaving the campaign in the midst of the latest turmoil.

“Kellyanne is a good practicing Catholic,” the source said. “She’s thinking ‘I have kids. Is this what I want?’ She’s never shied away from the role her faith plays in her life.”

If there’s any truth to that, though, Conway’s doing a heck of a good job hiding it. She posted a “unity” photo with Trump yesterday en route to the debate, and she sounds every inch the diehard Trump supporter in the clips below. (Although the “unless” in the second clip is provocative.) There’s also a widely shared assumption that Conway was a key force internally in getting Trump to be a more disciplined candidate in September, a strategy that’s basically out the window now since he underprepared for the first debate and then took Clinton’s bait about Alicia Machado afterward. She could, in other words, conclude that he’s rejected her approach to the race and bow out on those grounds. But she hasn’t. Maybe she’s calculating that quitting the campaign now, even with a disaster looming, will do more damage to her career than staying to the bitter end will. If she quits, she’ll be seen as fickle and disloyal by future candidates who might otherwise want to work with her; if she stays put and goes down with the ship, she’ll bear little blame for it. “No one could have won with a candidate as erratic as Trump,” people will say. If anything, as the lone respected pro in Trump’s inner circle, she’ll be seen in her field as a sympathetic figure who played a terrible hand as best she could. Unless, of course, she really does abet Trump in his burn-it-all-down war on the rest of the party this month, which she seems ready to do here. Very strange. Surely she’s not so invested in Trump’s fading candidacy that she’d side with him over saving the Republican House majority, is she?