To cleanse the palate, this didn’t go much better for him than the 2012 primary debates did. But I admire him for being game, and for sticking with the poindexter glasses during his big showbiz moment. If they were good enough for Buddy Holly, they should be good enough for any Texan.

Apropos of nothing, if I had to guess last spring which of the GOP’s 8,000 presidential candidates would end up hoofing it on “Dancing With the Stars,” I would have guessed Huckabee. Perry always struck me as more of an “America’s Got Talent” guy. I can see him so clearly in a bolo tie with a guitar, picking out an acoustic version of “Margaritaville.” Maybe next year.

In other DWTS news, railroaded Olympian Ryan Lochte had his dance number disrupted by two nuts because it’s 2016 and the news is required to be stupid every day.