Bitchy yet amusing payback for Trump’s shots last week at Morning Joe and his “very insecure long-time girlfriend.” It wasn’t true, of course, that “a lot of people” are calling Trump “Amnesty Don,” as Scarborough claims in the clip. That was just Joe mocking Trump’s habit of inventing trends to support his own views, especially the more conspiratorial ones.

But it is sort of true that a lot of people are calling him “Amnesty Don” now.

That was posted early this morning. As of 1 p.m. ET, “Amnesty Don” was still one of the top ten trending subjects on Twitter in the United States. Pretty effective. The only hitch is that probably 90 percent or better of Scarborough’s audience is pro-amnesty, I’d bet. Imagine all the white college grads watching this confused, thinking, “Wait, Trump supports amnesty? I’d better give him a second look.”

The latest immigration news about “Amnesty Don” that’s making the rounds on Twitter, by the way, is this breathless report from NBC that Trump might be shifting towards a “virtual wall,” the ultimate betrayal of his border-hawk fans’ loyalty. Watch the segment, though, and you’ll see that it’s being overhyped. NBC doesn’t claim Trump is shifting away from a physical wall and towards a virtual one, it claims, citing Trump’s surrogates, that he’s “also talking about not just a physical wall but a technological or a virtual wall.” That’s always been the likeliest result of Trump’s “wall” policy, a physical barrier erected in some places and a “virtual barrier” deployed in spots where a physical wall would be more difficult to build. Hopefully there are no Trump fans out there so gullible that they honestly thought he was going to build a physical wall along the entire length of the border. Hopefully.

In any case, Team Trump is denying it:

His big immigration speech is set for Wednesday of this week. Will he shift back to mass deportation (or self-deportation) and touchback amnesty, which was his position for most of the campaign and appears lately to be his position again, or will he earn Scarborough’s new nickname? Stay tuned!