A big claim since Fields has said from the start, and as recently as today, that all she wants and has ever wanted is an apology, at least for Lewandowski accusing her on Twitter of being a liar and attention-seeker if not for the original incident. She told Megyn Kelly last month that the Trump campaign asked for her phone number the night the incident happened and that she was told an apology was forthcoming. But, she says, no one ever called. Not true, says Lewandowski in the clip below. I called after her boyfriend started attacking me on Twitter. He did?

Whose memory should we trust? WaPo notes this bit from Lewandowski’s interview last night with Hannity:

At another point, Lewandowski said, “I don’t remember [the incident] at all, candidly.” Exactly one minute later, he said this: “You know, when I walked by Michelle Fields that night, I said, ‘Excuse me. Thank you.’ Because I was trying to walk between her and Mr. Trump. And that’s what polite people say: ‘Excuse me’ and ‘thank you.'”

What? Which is it? Does Lewandowski have no recollection of his encounter with Fields or does he remember — down to the exact “polite” words he used — precisely what happened and what he said? He completely contradicted himself. Hannity let it slide.

That reminds me of how Trump claimed after the incident that he’d asked around and supposedly everyone, including the Secret Service, told him it never happened. Then the surveillance video came out. On second thought, said Trump, Lewandowski had intervened to stop Fields after she touched him since she could have been, uhhhhh, an assassin with a tiny bomb in her pen. Why he needed Lewandowski to make that threat assessment rather than the Secret Service standing right there, no one knows, but Florida prosecutors mentioned the bubble of protection around Trump yesterday as one reason why they thought it’d be hard to convict Lewandowski at trial. Anyway, given the fact that Fields has said over and over that she only wants an apology but that Lewandowski never reached out, it’s odd that he never claimed that he reached out until now. You would think that might have come up the night he accused her of being “delusional” and craving attention on Twitter. “I DID call you and you NEVER answered” — something like that. But he kept it a secret until now. Huh.

If he’s telling the truth and has the phone records to back it up, it’ll obviously help if/when Fields sues for defamation. If he can show she’s not credible in claiming that he never called, it’ll bolster his trial narrative that she’s willing to lie to earn the media limelight and all of the exciting perks, like death threats and being mocked onstage by the Republican frontrunner for president, that come with it. If he’s not telling the truth, then Fields has even more grounds for a defamation suit since he’d be guilty of making another false statement of fact to damage her reputation, namely, that “she wanted to inject herself into making it a story” by refusing to take a phone call that could have defused the whole thing. High stakes potentially no matter which side you’re on.