He didn’t randomly volunteer this information, I should note. It’s a reply to a specific question inspired by a recent feature in the New York Times. If he had randomly volunteered it, that would have been weird.

But also a little bit awesome.

And right now, the man needs some awesome. Via McClatchy:


Hopefully for Jeb’s sake those numbers are less a reflection on him personally than on the fact that news stories about the state of his campaign have been witheringly pessimistic for about five months now. If not, if this is mainly a reaction to the man himself (and his surname), then he’ll have to figure out how to pull off a political comeback without, er, anyone hearing about it. Or maybe the idea here is to keep running and running and running until his candidacy starts to take on a Christie-ish “underdog” vibe and voters come to grudgingly admire his perseverance. Prince Jeb is unelectable, but Humbled Jeb might gain enough battle scars to undermine the idea that he wants the nomination handed to him on a silver platter. I can see the media, at least, warming to him a little after that. Just tell me how he convinces undecideds that he’s a better bet than Rubio.

This is kind of clever, incidentally:

He’s joking but there’s a sharp point there about the “baby Hitler” hypothetical. Isn’t baby Hitler as innocent as a baby in the womb, or are we treating Hitler as an essentially supernatural force of nature, the bad seed that will inevitably grow poisonous in any cultural soil unless it’s crushed outright? Instead of killing him, in other words, why not drop him off at an orphanage in some other country? Or give him to a kindly childless couple with an interest in art, to nurture his less lunatic pursuits? The logic, I guess, is that with the potential for bottomless depravity in his future, you can’t take even a tiny risk gambling on nurture over nature. Although, in that case, you’d better spare a few minutes to take care of baby Lenin, baby Stalin, and baby Marx too. I can think of 94 million or so people who’d be grateful. In fact, Click the image below to watch.