Lots of guests scheduled today but there’s only one (well, maybe two) who matters right now. How do you like your Trump this morning? On “Meet the Press,” with Marco Rubio and John Kasich to follow? On “This Week,” also featuring Ben Carson and Trump nemesis Rick Perry? On “Face the Nation,” where a verrry nervous Reince Priebus will drop by? Or on “State of the Union,” where I’m hoping Jake Tapper will have some fun with him by asking Trump, “Could you make a rock you can’t lift?” Expect lots of chitchat about Megyn Kelly, the departure of top aide Roger Stone, and how he never really wanted to address those “losers” at Red State Gathering in the first place.

As for “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace — curiously enough, that’s the one Sunday show Trump isn’t scheduled for (as I write this). Hmmmmm.

The other Republican to watch this morning: Carly Fiorina, who’ll lead on Wallace’s program and appear on “State of the Union” and “Face the Nation.” The CW within the GOP right now is that there’s nothing to be gained by attacking Trump directly; it didn’t work for Rick Perry and Trump’s likely to answer by hitting back twice as hard. That CW might not apply to Fiorina, though. She’s better on camera than Perry is so she has a better chance of making a knock on Trump stick. And Trump will be careful about getting too nasty with the field’s lone woman candidate now that Fiorina, among many others, is coming after him for being crass with Megyn Kelly. The full line-up is at the AP.